Pony is a fabulously derranged gay dive bar for queer misfits. Marcus Wilson designed the place and took inspiration from a number of alt subcultures. The bar’s decor is a flamboyant blend of bath house, punk show, disco, and leather dungeon. He didn’t make everything pixel perfect. The Xerox decor looked and felt hand touched and unique.

I’d done much of Pony’s graphics from 2017 through 2019. During my time there I elaborated on the bar’s identity by defining its typography, color palette, illustration, texture, pattern, photography and more.


Let’s start here with logo. If it’s not in black or white, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t rotate the logo. It can live inside or among other graphics, but don’t crowd it or put it on top of a busy background. And don’t distort, crop or shrink it down to a speck.

Old logo

My redesign

And in case you missed it, the ‘P’ is also the Mars symbol for male.


DJ Booth

Large scale Xeroxes of queer icons applied in cut and paste style.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour print ad in The Stranger’s HH Guide

Happy Hour sidewalk sign
Triangular standing Happy Hour menu for the bar

Happy Hour menu flat

Happy Hour slide for Twist Film Festival


Printed on neon paper to glow in blacklight.

New Year’s Eve 2019

Pride 2018 weekend poster series

Halloween 2018 weekend poster series